About the Artist

Artist Ron Pomeroy Beer Painter

Artist Ron Pomeroy

I create funky and lively art painted with beer and with wine!

I began painting watercolors during the 1980’s. Once in 1986, when my water container needed to be changed, I substituted beer. From then forward I never used water for my paint. Later, in 2013, I added wine to my palette (WineDesigns™). Since early 2016, I sometimes also paint with whiskey.

Historically, when asked why I paint with beer and with wine, I have usually replied “because I like craft beer and fine wine” but it is more about having fun painting unique art. I have found when I have fun exploring my own creativity, my art is more engaging and fun for viewers.

I share my award-winning art with you in the hope you find as much joy in viewing and owning my artwork as I have had in it’s creation.

Ron Pomeroy, artist

*A percentage of BeerColors™ net proceeds are provided to worthwhile non-profit organizations serving to protect our pets, wildlife and the elderly.